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Please click to read an important message from Pastor Tillman regarding St. Philip’s Operating Procedures
(Effective December 1, 2020)

We ask that you read and become familiar with the following Operating Procedures for entering and being in the building.

If you need any COVID-19 preventative materials (hand sanitizer and  face masks), please call and make an appointment to pick up your order accordingly. Kits can be picked up Monday through Thursday,  

      between 9:30am & 1pm.


Pursuant to State Executive Order No. 20-16-10-02, November 6, 2020

The Order basically states that all persons two (2) years and older, living within or entering the geographic boundaries of Baltimore City are required to wear a Face Covering when in public.  

Available COVID-19 vaccines available

Walgreens at 900 N. Washington Street
Location:   900 N. Washington Street (adjacent to the Johns Hopkins Medicine campus)

Received:  Johnson and Johnson vaccines that need to be used by Sunday, March 28.

  • Appointments can be scheduled by calling the store directly at 410-522-5639.

  • Walgreens is very eager to get these to our East Baltimore community, so we would be grateful if you could please pass along the message to your members and contacts.


  • Please note that Walgreens follows the State’s guidelines re: Aand is vaccinating groups 1A-1C.


If you have any questions re: eligibility or need assistance with scheduling, please don’t hesitate to contact

Megan Brown @ 410-236-6739

Megan is the Program Director for Johns Hopkins Brancati Center for the Advancement of Community Care.

Operation Get Vaccinated Project

If you or someone you know needs a vaccination shot and are over age 65, living in zip codes 21201, 21215, 21216, 21217, 21218, 21223, 21229, and/or 21230, 


Please email the following information: 

  • Person(s) name,

  • Birthdate,

  • Address and

  • Telephone number


to either OR   

According to Dr. Tamara Wilson, UMMC, Operation Get Vaccinated Project Manager, individuals who sign up through this process will receive their vaccination as early as this week.  See if you can still sign-up this week and get an appointment.

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations

The following links about COVID-19 have similar and different information about vaccinations.

They each talk about the phases Maryland is currently in and who is eligible to receive vaccines and when.

  • COVID Link Maryland which explains the different phases of the  pyramid. 

This site will identify the different vaccines, their status, dosing, efficacy, and potential side effects.

  • Coronavirus Maryland which explains where you can get a vaccination. 

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